Blaster Disaster Management System

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Manage your School or Church and be Disaster Prepared using this Innovative Groundbreaking Solution. Designed by Several Los Angeles Area Fire Captains and High Ranking Government Officials with over 100 years Experience. Be Ready for the Next Major Disaster.

Blaster Communications
  • Basic Disaster Package A #1
  • Critical Victim Slap Band #2
  • Moderate Victim Slap Band #3
  • Minor Victim Slap Band #4
  • Expired Victim Slap Band #5
  • Critical Victim Badge #6
  • Moderate Victim Badge #7
  • Minor Victim Badge #8
  • Expired Victim Badge #9
  • Helper/Victim Lanyards #10
  • Helper/Security Badge #11
  • Helper/Office Badge #12
  • Helper/Repair Badge #13
  • Helper/Medical Badge #14
  • Special Need Slap Bands #15
  • Teacher Slap Bands #16
  • Kids Slap Band (Male) #17
  • Kids Slap Band (Female) #18
  • Child Leg/Arm Locater Band #19
  • Disaster Bag Tags #20
  • V.I.R.P Badge (Male) #21
  • V.I.R.P Badge (Female) #22

About Us

    The Blaster Communications Inc. Narcotic Tamper Evident Bags are specifically designed to assist Emergency Medical Services organizations in tracking controlled substances use and movement. These customized bags are designed for EMS agencies, Fire Departments and Hospitals to track the controlled drugs deployed on all paramedic vehicles. Our Narcotic Tamper Evident Bags ensure an efficient narcotic accountability system due in regulations of Local, State, and Federal laws. They eliminate diversion and reduce accidental breakage of narcotic vials and ampules, limiting waste. Most importantly the bags ensure the public receives the correct narcotic and not a compromised vial of controlled drugs. They are currently being used in pharmacies, paramedic units, medic ambulances, hospitals, convalescent homes, veterinarian hospitals, jails and outpatient clinics.
    The Department of Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) requires strict accountability and accurate documentation of all narcotics. Emergency Medical Services (EMS) managers' hospital administrators have a zero-tolerance for theft and misuse of controlled drugs; they want to stay off the front page of the local newspaper. The citizens in the communities are entitled to receive the proper narcotic and not saline or water for their emergency. 
    • Consulting
    • Technology
    •  Managed Services – Private andPublic
    The Emergency Medical Community has had trouble effectively managing the controlled drugs currently deployed with paramedic units throughout the country. In order to create a more effective auditing process, EMS personnel sought out assistance from Blaster Communications Inc. to create a technical solution to the problem of controlled drug tracking. Using experienced paramedic’s and nursing knowledge of controlled substances and the current tracking procedures at the fire department.
     Blaster Communications Inc. created a Narcotic Tamper Evident Bag
    ·       To enhance the management and auditing of the controlled drugs. Using this new product, EMS Agencies, Fire Departments and Hospitals can effectively monitor and audit all controlled  drugs on a daily basis.
    There are issues that result in ineffectual, manual auditing process. This process lengthens the amount of time a discrepancy is located, minimizing the ability to correct the problem in a timely and efficient manner.
    • Using experienced paramedics intimate knowledge of the Fire Department’s current processes and procedures, Blaster Communications Inc.has designed an Narcotic Tamper Evident Bag used to locate discrepancies in hours, not months.
    •  Coupled with application & Web, Design &Development
    •  Data Cleansing &Conversion
    •  Database Design, Development, &Maintenance

    Mobile Application – Narcotic Identification Inventory Notification (NIIC)

    Past Performance
    ·      City of Vacaville Fire Department
    ·      City of Oakland Fire Department
    ·      City of Sea Cliff Fire Department
    ·      Fremont Fire Department
    ·      Bound TreeMedical
    ·      Alameda Fire Department
    ·      Department of Fire and Emergency Services of GulfShores
    ·      Dorchester County EMS
    ·      Pinellas County Fire Department
    ·      Island EMS Charlottetown
    ·      Collier County EMS
    ·      Mason County MedicOne
    ·      D.C. Fire EMS
    ·      Spring River Paramedic Ambulance Services
    ·      Memphis TN. Fire Department
    ·      BSA Paramedic Services
    ·      Chula Vista Fire Department
    ·      Alhambra Fire Department
    Blaster Communcations Inc.
    • Year Inc.: 2004 State Inc: California
    • Corporation type: ‘S’ Corp
    • US Department of Transportation Certified : UPC# 40166  April 20, 2012
    • 8-A Certified
    • D-U-N-S Number: 018513807 
    • Cage code: 339113 
    • NAICS: 326111, 339999

          Blaster Communications Inc. 159 N. Robin Privado Ontario CA. 91764


          Email: Phone: 909-373-5665